Monday, April 27, 2015

Space Wolves... Disassemble!!!

Man, I suck at keeping things secrets! XD Just kidding ofcourse. Today instead of partying like most Dutch people on King's Day, I took time to paint my special project and finished it today! Well... sort of. :P

The fourth Thunderwolf I was talking about yesterday is a big part of the project. Since there are quite some characters that can mount a Thunderwolf I was thinking of a way for one or maybe 2 Thunderwolves have exchangeable riders. I didn't want to buy a bunch of Thunderwolves so that I could mount them with all the possible characters, because they are not cheap and I want to keep my army contained. So after some tinkering, tweaking and painting I finished one of the Thunderwolf options with more to come!

So in the pictures above you are looking at my Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf carrying the Black Death, one of the relics of the Fang, and a storm shield. The fur cloak and backpack is actually from Kromlech, which is the "Sons of Thor" Fur Cloaks and Backpack. Honestly though I am not a really big fan of the quality of the resin. They had quite some air bubbles in them and the bits were not in really great shape. I'm glad though that one cape fitted on the model and made it possible to let him ride the Thunderwolf. 

In the pictures below you can see how I made my conversion. The rider's legs is glued to the Thunderwolf and has a magnet on top of the legs. Logically the torso also has a magnet underneath to connect it with the rider's leg part. Since the Wolf Lord also has quite some weapon I decided to magnetize the arms as well. The other model you see underneath will become my Iron Priest. I'm still waiting for the servo arm to arrive, but he is also one of the options for the Thunderwolf. I also decided to create a magnetized pair of standing legs so I could put the Wolf Lord or Iron Priest on it and be a footslogging character. 

So yeah that as basically my secret project I am currently working on. It's a lot of fun and I can't wait to try all kinds of options for the Thunderwolf. Hope you enjoyed it as well and see you next time!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thunderwolves WIP Part 3 - Almost there!

Hey peeps, another small update of the Thunderwolves! This weekend I got quite productive and made good progress on the fanged beasts. I finished another Thunderwolf and finally painted two of three riders!

As you can see one of the riders is sitting on one of the new wolves. Both riders have magnetized arms so I can switch weapons if necessary. For now I will equip all the riders with a wolf claw and shield since that is the preferred equipment. I will also paint a power fist later on. Now you might have noticed that if you counted all the wolves I painted that I have four in total now! The fourth one will be used for a special conversion set, but for now I will keep it a secret. All I can say is it's going to be awesome and pretty genius if I say so myself! XD

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pic!  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thunderwolves WIP Part 2

Hi y'all! It's been awhile but I'm back with more thunderwolves goodness!  Yesterday I finally finished the set of thunderwolves! No, it didn't take me all this time to finish it, every model took me a day. I just haven't painted in quite some time. Anyways I still need to do all the riders though, but oh well... Of the three wolves I have to say the  white wolf was the hardest. I kinda already knew shading white would be hard, but wow it gets real sensitive fast if you are not careful. It took me a while until I was satisfied with it and honestly it's not a bad job, but I do want to study up more to do it more effectient.

Enjoy the miniatures  and see ya next time!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Thunderwolf WIP Part 1

Hello again!

Yesterday I finally decided to tackle on the Thunderwolves, something that was long overdue! Like the case with the Fenrisian Wolves, I wasn't very confident about what kind of color scheme I would use for them. Especially because the Thunderwolves are more special compared to the Fenrisian Wolves. Unlike their smaller brethren each of Thunderwolf is a unique character on its on and each should have their own color scheme. I have a pretty good idea hat color schemes I want to use, but it's still hard to decide how and what. After postponing it for so long I decided to just go for it. I had the same doubts with the Fenrisian Wolves and they turned out pretty nice!

So without further ado I present thee the first finished Thunderwolf!

I actually based the wolf on one of the wolves that was on the box of the Thunderwolves, though the wolf I used is different from the one on the box. Very pleased with the result and very excited to start on the next one! You also might have noticed by now that the rider is missing and the reason is that I'm painting it separately, cause it is much easier to paint it like that. Once that is done they will be glued on. I magnetized the arms of the riders so that they equip other weapons if necessary. 

Anyways I hope there will be more to come very soon, thanks for reading and see you next time!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hey Peeps!

I know I haven't posted in a long time, but it's been slow on my end. Been quite busy dealing with some stuff in my personal life, but fortunately I have been able to work on some things. In my last post I said my next project would be the Murderfang, but I actually been working on multiple projects simultaneously. I've also been trying to finish models like the wolf guard battle leader, skyclaws, stormfang and Arjac Rockfist. Because of this my progress has been very slow and I also had plenty times that I just didn't feel like painting.

Just recently however I felt like actually finish a model and decided to continue on my promise and here it is! The Murderfang...

I'm quite pleased with the end result, however I kinda struggled with the claws. I think it look pretty okay now, but I feel like the white color is to prominent. Maybe I will change it later, but for now it's good enough.

Well that was it for now. Quick post, but I will return soon. Enjoy and see ya guys later!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A storm is coming!

Hiya peeps!

As promised the next model to be finished is the Rune Priest! I actually had this sucka for quite some time, but only did the very basics. After I finished Lukas I really wanted to do all the characters models that I had. I've played with this character a few times already, but truth be told I didn't have a lot of luck with this guy. Even though a lot of people were saying psykers ould be really good in this game, I haven't felt it yet. Maybe because the tempestus powers aren't that good compared to the standard powers in the rulebook and honestly it is quite true. A lot of the powers from the Space Wolves have been nerved quite a lot, but then again they were too powerful in the previous version. Anywho maybe I should jut try a different power instead and see how that works out.

So now on to the model itself! With this one I tried a new technique I picked up from the Space Wolf painting guide that was included in the 7th edition Companies of Fenris book. For the fur I basically used washes to color, create and layer depth. You start out with a light base color, in this case Screaming skull. After that you start using the first layer of wash, in this case Agrax Earthshade,just on the part where the darkest shade would be on the fur. Let it dry and then apply the second wash layer on the darkest part and on the second darkest part of the fur. This way the previous part will get even darker and second darkest part is a shade lighter then the previous one. If you keep building up the layers with this technique you will create a gradient effect from dark to light. After that you only need to dry brush the all the highlights and you're done!

I really like this technique because you basically need one wash to do all the shading. The only real problem that this takes awhile since you need to build up quite an amount of layers to get a nice effect. And I think this technique can only be applied to a few surfaces like fur for instance.

Anyways thank for reading again and see you next time! This time I think it will be the Murderfang! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The killing joke!

Whaddap mothafuckas! I've just finished a new character and this one brings a lot of trouble to the table! If there is one character that represents the Space Wolves (and then some!) it's Lukas the Trickster!

I just love this guy, model-wise as well as fluff-wise. Universally despised by all the Wolflords for his irreverence and rebellious demeanor, he never made beyond Blood Claw status. But nobody can deny his incredible fighting prowess as his skills far surpass that of a Blood Claw and can be ranked equal to a Wolf Guard. But that is fine with his current rank, because it's a better fit for his nature.

He is mostly known for his dirty tricks and tactics which became quite legendary. He once spiked the ale of his Wolf Lord with a potent poison, got beat for it and laughed it away. In battle he once send fake transmissions to Orks that caused a civil war, infecting a traitor cell of the Adeptus Mechanicus with their own necrovirus, and luring a lord of the Word Bearers into making planetfall upon thin ice, resulting in hundreds of Traitor Marines plunging to their death into the Sea of Lost Souls. He was also the only man to best a chameleonic Doppelgangrel, and wears its skin to this day.

He was once bested in a fight and got his second heart cut out by Duke Sisclus, a Dark Eldar Crorsair, which he kept as a souvenir. Lukas survived and replaced his heart with a statisbomb so when the time would come where he would die in battle, he and his opponent would be frozen in time for eternity as a gruesome and eternal monument to his own glory - giving Lukas the last laugh after all

How awesome is that! That dude is crazy... :P How awesome he might be, in the game he is not that amazing and pretty tricky (no pun intended). He actually got nerved pretty bad since his previous codex stats.  He is only really useful in challenges. First and foremost as a character he can be used as an individual unit and if placed in another unit he can only join Bloodclaws. Because of his rebellious nature, his leadership and the unit he is in can never be higher then 8. The Doppelgangrel skin he wears has chameleon-like effects which makes it hard to see a if you made telling hit, therefor gives the opponent a -3 on the WS. Furthermore if he is removed as a causality in a challenge , both players do a roll-off. If the friendly player ties and throw higher than the opponent, his model will be removed from play. Sounds pretty awesome on paper, but sadly only really good against characters who can't refuse a challenge and since most armies can refuse it....

Oh well, I still like the character and I will definitely field him just for fun! As for the painting job I am very pleased how he turned out. Like usual I had the model trouble with the face and because I made a few mistakes some of the detail are gone. However I think he still looks really awesome. I'm most happy with the skin he wears and the detail on his hair. I usually also have quite some trouble with highlighting hair, but because his hair is really well defined, it was easier to get certain lines.

This is actually the first resin model a fully painted and I have to see I really dislike this plastic. It is prone for small bubbles in the model and breaking parts. Next one will probably be my rune priest! Anyways thanks for reading, enjoy and see you next time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2000 pts worth of painting!

Herrow peeps! Just recently when I was checking out Battlescribe, a handy and simple app to create your 40k armies, I discovered that I reached the 2000 pts mark for painted models! So to commemorate this wonderful occasion I decided to get all my painted models together and make a family picture of my Space Wolves. Enjoy and up to the next 2000 pts!

First one is the whole bunch together!

The army is led by Krom Dragongaze

A group of Fenrisian Wolves and Wolf Guard Terminators.
Also a Venerable Dreadnought in background.

A group of  Grey Hunter jumping out of a Stormwolf about to charge!

Another group of Grey Hunters ready to gun down the enemy!

Elite Scouts and Elite Scout Snipers.

Long Fangs will blast anyone from a distance!

The one that made me reach the 2000 pts mark!